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Ep.3: Interview with multitalented author “Surabhi Verma”

Updated: Jul 28, 2019

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Our third episode is with “Surabhi Verma”, the multitalented orator, live artist, TV host & journalist who left her high-profile job to become a full-time author. She hails from Delhi & has been writing since last 5 years. She draws her inspiration from Meryl Streep & her favorite book is Sex and the City.

So, Let’s start!

Hey Surabhi! How would you describe yourself & your love for writing? (Our audience is very supportive of you but they keep very very busy so tell in only 140 characters)

I am an artist. My love for performing arts or writing is something I have inherited from my grandfather. I write to detoxicate myself.

So, are you an accidental author or did this career decision had some planning to it?

I believe, nothing happens to us by chance. It is all planned! I had a vague idea about writing a book someday but never took it too seriously, until I was about to complete my grad. For years I have worked on honing my art. Writing has given me a really tough time and it is not at all easy to put your thoughts on paper. In the end, it was like a calling that happened to me. I knew I had to bring it to the world and not just keep it to myself.

“Everything isn’t an achievement” but also “Achievement ain’t everything”. Can you tell us 3 of your biggest & most satisfying achievements?

My biggest and most satisfying achievements have been at many junctures in my life. It may sound a bit materialistic, but this is the magic of the industry I am a part of. First - When my first show on DD India aired in 36 countries. Second - When I happened to meet and interview director Imtiaz Ali. I have always been a fan of his films. Third - When I wrote, edited and self published my first book 'And She Quit Her Job’.

Are you moody like all other writers? If yes or no both, then reveal today the secret style of your writing?

Yes, I am moody like everyone else. And thanks to the mood swings that I am able to get into my silent cocoon, which is often so hard to break, but a necessity to write. My writing style is more on the creative side. I play with words, put my own emotions into them and conclude by adding the 'relevance' factor. While writing, I think much on a deeper level, be it any topic or idea, but there is always a moment when I have to keep aside the sentiment and add practicalities to it.

You have been a journalist & TV Show host! So, do you just give humble autographs or have you had any real interesting incidences with your fans?

Yes, people often see my work when I am on Stage and just when I deliver excellence, they never leave me without a compliment followed by a picture. Though there are many incidents, interestingly, years back while I was traveling with my friends in Delhi Metro, a man recognized me and later came up to me, hesitatingly congratulating on the show I had hosted. Selfies after a show is a very normal thing for any artist these days.

“The art of making money with art is bigger than the art itself”. How do you plan to monetize your writing?

In the age of social media, there are many ways to monetize the writings. In short, google ads, collaborations, partnerships and long-term associations with big brands have supported my writings so far.

Somebody told me that a poor man cannot be a philanthropist. So, now that you are also a professional author, will you also help & mentor other new authors in bringing out their book?

I write with a purpose. If ever in my life I would not be able to help new authors/ writers to grow, that would only be an indication of my self-centered nature. I have my own team of writers who are connected with me virtually. I work with new writers every month, impart them with whatever knowledge I have gained in all these years and provide them work opportunities. After my first book, I am going to open doors for newbies in getting their work published.

Our audience loves texting! Do you have any message for them?

I would like to quote my favorite Carrie Bradshaw here - "The most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. Maybe, you have to let go of who you were to become who you will be."

Not trying to self-promote, or maybe I am, but then what are your thoughts on our platform Rhymly? You can use more than 140 characters this time :p

Rhymly is an incredible platform. This is one place where you have to be if you love creativity. Also, using Rhymly everyday, keeps my stress levels at bay!

Finally, Our audience is insomniac & has no option but to read something to sleep! So, can you share an exclusive excerpt from your new book “And She Quit Her Job”?

This excerpt is dedicated to people who hate their jobs:

So, here I am, working in my pajamas, drinking lots of tea every day, watching my favorite films, sleeping more, enjoying festivals, traveling to new countries and giving completion to my first book!

I couldn’t have dreamt of a better life for myself! “

So, that’s it for today guys!

Surabhi’s new book called “And She Quit Her Job“ is available on Amazon & the ebook can be read from here. She would definitely love a constructive feedback from you guys!

We will also be back in a few days with Ep.4 with another creative person. If you think you yourself are a creative artist or art enthusiast, then fill this form to get featured!

Also, if you’re looking for rhymes of Hindi words for your original poems, songs & raps or looking for ideas to write, then do download the Rhymly app from here.

Ciao for now!

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