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Ep. 9: Interview with events enthusiast Jyoti Agarawal

Updated: Jul 28, 2019

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Our ninth episode is with “Jyoti Agarawal”, Founder & COO of Maa2Mom & an event manager. She lives in Mumbai & has been doing events for the last 3 years. She draws her inspiration from her father!

So, Let’s start!

How would you describe yourself & your love for events? (Our audience is very supportive of you but they keep very very busy so tell in only 140 characters)

Events bring happiness to life…I have always loved to manage events since my school days! I feel events add charm to our regular life!

So, are you an accidental event organizer or was there some planning to it?

I am an accidental Event Organiser. My belief in making life fun has inspired me to spread happiness by arranging Events.

“Everything isn’t an achievement” but also “Achievement ain’t everything”. Can you tell us 3 of your biggest & most satisfying achievements?

Building a global community of more than 27500 mothers on my platform Maa2Mom. Winning Aspiring she Leadership Women Achievers Award 2018. Being Nominated now for Excellence Women Achiever Award happening in Delhi in Nov by Govt of India. For me nomination itself is an achievement!

“Social cause resonates more with the public when served with entertainment”. Do you agree? If yes & no both, then reveal today your secret of a successful event?

Yes, I completely agree to this. I always feel if we incorporate an entertainment with any social cause people come forward more to support it!

You run an innovative startup called “Maa2Mom”! So, do you just give humble autographs or have you had any real interesting incidences with your fans?

Hahaha Yes amazing incidences with my tribe who love me like anything I would like to talk about one who has printed my blog on Depression and kept on her work place as she says it inspires her. I am truly humbled with the kind of love people shower on me and Maa2Mom from around the globe!

“Mediocre work isn’t worship”. As a person who loves what she does, how would you explain this statement to Indian society?

To get something which is extraordinary u can’t give average inputs! When u love what u do then every morning gives u a boost to get up and get started. Each day when I get up I have a new energy pushing me towards my goal to create a difference in the society by uplifting and empowering women.

“Most art forms struggle to do ticketed events on a regular basis”. Do you think you have a defined formula which helps you target your audience better?

Yes, I agree to do a ticketed event is a task because not many people are aware of the beauty of the art forms existing in our country. What we need to do is to market it with some form of attraction towards it to pull out the crowd.

Our audience loves texting! Do you have any message for them?

#Dream #Discover #Celebrate Life becomes a celebration!

Not trying to self-promote, or maybe I am, but then what are your thoughts on our platform Rhymly? You can use more than 140 characters this time :P

Rhymly is an amazing platform to give a push to the art forms and writer. It’s well thought and planned initiative. I completely support Arpan Khosla for this amazing initiative.

Finally, Our audience is insomniac & has no option but to watch something to sleep! So, can you share any exclusive interview link from the recently concluded “Kandivali Cultural Fest”?


So, that’s it for today! If you are in Mumbai, then do experience one of Jyoti’s events.

We will also be back in a few days with Ep.10 with another creative person.

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Ciao for now!

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