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Interview with Shivansh Sidana aka Born Rapper

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Our 12th episode is with "Born Rapper", a punjabi songwriter & rapper. He hails from Rajasthan, is just 13 years old & has been writing for last 3 years.

So, Let’s start!

Where did the inspiration to write come from?

There are many youtube channels as well as singers , who are struggling . I get a lot of inspiration from them and I also get a lot of inspiration from inside as I'm also a rising star and struggling in life.

What is your genre of writing?

I used to write motivational punjabi songs as well as motivational hindi raps

As an artist, what do you do everyday?

As an artist , I'm really busy now a days as I'm learning music composition as well as I also have to write new songs everyday and where as i have to handle my school work also but when I started doing rap i just kept one thing in my mind that "I have to hustle hard" and one more thing which i kept in my mind was that "Never Give Up" which is , I think the key to success

What were the pressures & obstacles you faced along the way?

There were many obstacles like first of all my family said that don't waste your time in these silly raps and take it as your hobby not as your passion but I refused and today I'm handling my studies and My passion together which is quite difficult but it's ok to handle it as if you wanted to become successful then you have to take tensions And now my family is also supports me and I love them But wait , this is not only the difficulties which I face , I face the biggest problem on the earth for a content creator that is his/her haters. But nowadays I'm just getting used to it and I used to listen abusive words about me from my haters or from my friends too.

Any failures in this journey? & how did you bounce back?

Yes there were many failures . First of all I started my youtube channel and worked on it for more than 2 years which resulted nothing to me after than i learnt graphic designing and became a freelancer which also resulted nothing to me and now i am making raps and i hope my this plan will work . Hope for the best and prepare for the worst .

What's the best praise you have received for your rap?

The best praise was from my family , it is the best feeling in the world when you make your family proud . I not so famous now also and want to make my family more proud and i will work really hard and hustle for it and i hope I'll achieve it too.

What is your advice to aspiring artists?

The advice is that you should never give up or you should work for at least 2-3 years on 1 field . You must focus on 1 thing only so that you can achieve it.

Finally, What are your views on our platform Rhymly?

Rhymly is a amazing application, i really appreciate rhymly and it's owner to make this type of app. I just love rhymly.

Link to your social media channel/video?


So, that’s it for today!

We will also be back with Ep.13 with another creative person.

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