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Ep. 11 Interview with Indrajit Ghoshal, Founder of Poetry Darbaar

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Our 11th episode is with “Indrajit Ghoshal”, Poet & works as an Analyst in an a private firm. He hails from Dhanbad, Jharkhand & has been staying in Delhi for the past 8-9 years.

So, Let’s start!

What's your name & background?

I am Indrajit Ghoshal. I work as an Analyst in an a private firm. I was born and raised in Dhanbad, Jharkhand. I have been staying in Delhi for the past 8-9 years.

What's your startup/organization about & where did the inspiration come from?

Poetry Darbaar is a not for profit poetry initiative started in February 2016 in Gurgaon- where there was no poetry reading culture before- to provide free art space to poets of all age groups to perform amid a receptive audience. It aims to make both the expression of art and it's experience accessible to the poets of all age groups, utilising the dwindling spaces in the city for art.

It provides a non-judgemental environment for poets to perform and provides opportunity to poets of all age groups. This gives an opportunity to the emerging poets to rub shoulders with eminent and established poets to encourage them to do better and progress ahead.

This is the only space in Delhi NCR where a 10 yr old can be seen performing with a 70 yr olds, a novice can be seen sharing space with established English & Urdu poets. Poetry Darbaar is now Pan India with its presence in various cities. The initiative is widely covered by various newspapers, news portals & blogs.

Poetry Darbaar, apart from hosting independent events, also gets invited at various annual college fests in and outside Delhi. Inspiration came from the fact that there was no such initiative in Gurgaon. The city lacked a proper poetry culture. The art events were few and there was no attempt made to bring poetry to people.

What pain point does your startup address & for whom?

A major pain area for the poets is that many of them inspite of their talent and learning inclination, doesn't get a stage for many reasons. Poetry Darbaar fills the gap. There are many budding poets who went on to recite at other stages and college fests and have always credited Poetry Darbaar to be the 1st ever platform for them.

As a founder/entrepreneur, what do you do everyday?

I have a day job and Poetry Darbaar is my passion that is also an antidote to everything that assails me. Striving a balance becomes difficult. I try to give some dedicated hours to toiwards it every other day. Moreover, even while at work, there is always something related to Poetry Darbaar that lingers on my mind all the time.

What were the pressures & obstacles you faced along the way?

Pressure in the initial days was the fear that people might not turn up. After all, I am not giving them anything except a platform to showcase their talent amid a receptive audience. However, my fears were unfounded as people came in droves. Sometimes, finding a venue closer to the metro is a challenge.The poets can come from anywhere in Delhi NCR and thus, I look for a venue close to the metro for everyone's convenience which gets arduous sometimes. As this is not a group and it welcomes everyone in its fold, sometimes, I see 60-80 poets in 1 event of 3.5 hrs and then making everyone recite in the stipulated time becomes a daunting task.

Any failures in this journey? & how did you bounce back?

Not yet by the grace of Almighty. I hope i can continue with the same zeal and increase its reach and engagement. There is still a lot to be done.

Which marketing channel has worked the best for you?

Facebook for sure. That's how it got rolling.

How many people have used your product/how big is your community?

I don't want to sound smug but till date with more than 30 independent events (24 in Delhi NCR and rest in other cities), atleast 1000 poets of varied age group has recited. The number could be more. FB page has close to 10k following. Poetry Darbaar has decent presence in colleges too owing to the college fest invites.

What's the best customer testimonial/praise you have received for your product?

A prominent hindi poet who has performed at several Kavi Sammelans and open mics, has once mentioned that he has never seen a stage where a 10 year old and an 80 year old share the stage and recite their poems. That was his 1st time to see such a diverse crowd, age no barrier.

What is your advice to aspiring entrepreneurs?

As someone who has been driving this poetry initiative for three years all by myself, I would say consistency is the key, Don't look at what others are doing. Set your own goals and persist towards it. Also, don't forget to ask for help. There is always some learning from the setbacks.

Finally, What are your views on our platform Rhymly?

Rhymly is a very useful app for budding poets. It helps a poet to give the finishing touches to his poems with the exact rhyming words. Rhymly is like the cherry on the cake that not just helps in garnishing but also adds sweetness (rhyming words) to the dish. Once we get to know an array of rhyming words to choose from, writing poems become easier. Rhymly has immensely helped many poets which has now become a reference point for seasoned poets too.

So, that’s it for today!

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