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Ep. 13 Interview with Avinash Sondhi, Founder of JOS

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

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Our 13th episode is with " Avinash Sondhi", Founder of JOS, who is a corporate lawyer and has offices across the world.

He completed his law graduate from UK university.

So, Let’s start!

What's your startup/organization about & where did the inspiration come from?

Our startup wants to give visibility to individuals so that the problem of discovery and connect can be resolved. We give equal opportunity to all individuals and SMEs on our platform to promote their skills, products or services. Our mobile app, JOS, is world's first location based platform where one can not only look for employment but also advertise their business. The inspiration came from watching laborers who have no platform to promote their skills and get hired. We thought what if they can highlight their skills and experience and easily get jobs through online connectivity. They already had smartphone. The remaining has been fulfilled by JOS that let them connect with employers to easily get hired. JOS app is an easy and affordable hyperlocal mobile platform that not only provides location based jobs and related services but also provides live audience to business deals and offers. It creates a direct connect between seeker and provider, while maintaining the privacy through in-app communication. This has drastically lowered the cost of talent hunt and advertising. Think of a scenario where a salon owners can hire their employees as well as advertising about their services through JOS app. The control is now in the hands of the businessman who can post job or advertise their business anytime now. The businesses who have never hired through any job portal or never advertised their services can now take advantages of internet/app economy. Their reach has just multi-folded and that too globally.

What pain point does your startup address & for whom?

This platform is for anybody who hasn't taken the advantage of internet economy so far. One just need to highlight one's skills and experience while registering on JOS. Now employers can easily find these people on JOS and connect with them over JOS in-app communication. We have even gone one step further where employer can take video interviews to smoothen and fasten the hiring process. This overall process is so easy and fast that it doesn't take a lot for anyone to onboard and take benefits from JOS platform This is also a platform where one can advertise their SME business, be it an Automobile dealership, a shop, a gourmet restaurant, Day Care, grocery store, an Orthodontist, Law firm or any form of business imaginable. One can advertise and broadcast all their deals on this platform which will reach the ever-growing database via a push notification, right from college kids to senior citizens from all walks of life.This will allow one to advertise their business to a live target audience. Also all your blue collared requirements can be fulfilled through here, be it an electrician, a plumber, mechanic, house help, baby sitter, cook, gardener, Zumba instructor, well the list is endless. Whatever your requirements may be, this the place where you could find them.

As a founder/entrepreneur, what do you do everyday?

I like to meet as many people as I can. I love to talk about JOS with them and get feedback if any. Almost everyone appreciated our product and also promoted it within their circles. In the remaining time, I keep coming up with new ideas to promote our app (as its ready to launch in market now) as well as keep my team motivated to cross this next hurdle. Also now I am looking for funding to develop market and expand into multiple cities. So, I am looking for like-minded investors to initiate a discussion.

What were the pressures & obstacles you faced along the way?

There were many obstacles. It wasn't easy to bring strong features that serves both employment and advertisement and still keep it as simple as possible. It took lots of iterations until we built what we thought is the best version of our vision.

Any failures in this journey? & how did you bounce back?

I would say that there was no failure. There were just some major and minor setbacks or roadblocks that we have faced and cleared. If you believe in your vision and stick to it, the problem, however big they are, will be resolved. Your belief should be bigger than your problem. At the end, what remains are the memories and solid experiences that strengthen your mind and soul.

I have left no stone unturned to ensure the success of this app. I have chosen to take advantage of a steady spurt in the use of smart phones and smart devices and the high- speed data connectivity available. A quicker access is much sought after. With the job market getting highly competitive, it is about not missing out on an opportunity and making hay when the time is ripe.

Which marketing channel has worked the best for you?

Social media and word of mouth has worked in our favor. People share and refer our app to friends, families and colleagues that is growing our user base.

How many people have used your product/how big is your community?

Without much marketing efforts, we already have 60K+ users and over 5K Facebook likes. The response is tremendous and its growing day after day. JOS already boast of a huge database of workers across 100 categories and sub-categories. JOS directly aligns the service provider and service seeker in the most convenient arrangement and helps both engage in a mutually beneficial alliance.

What's the best customer testimonial/praise you have received for your product?

We haven't really launched our app but have tied up with local SMEs to share the hang of the product we have. We have received positive feedback from all such early users. A school was easily hired its teaching staff through our app. During admission time, they advertised through our app and received many new admission calls. A new health spa in city ran its promotional activities on our app and is able to grow its client base.

What is your advice to aspiring entrepreneurs?

When your belief is bigger than your problems, success will come behind you

Finally, What are your views on our platform Rhymly?

I highly appreciate Rhymly's efforts to bring visibility to startups in India. There are many stories unfolding in India and a platform is needed where these stories can be told. I wish you all the best!

Link to your app/website/social media channel?

Website: https://jobsonsight.org/

App: http://q-r.to/bafxCv

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jobsonsight/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1DzgnZ8-g7eJ6xquIkU6cA/videos

So, that’s it for today!

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