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Ep.2: Interview with Iceman Devdeep Tyagi

Updated: Jul 28, 2019

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Our 2nd episode is with “Devdeep Tyagi”, a freelance content writer from Delhi, who’s also a poetry enthusiast. He fell in love with rhyming & words when he was only in school & interestingly, draws his inspiration from UNSUNG HEROES.

So, Let’s start!

Hey Dev! We know you love poetry. But, are there any other art forms that keep you alive? (Our audience is very supportive of you but they keep very very busy so tell in only 140 characters)

I like singing, dancing; I try the former sometimes myself

How did this love affair with poetry actually start? When was the real ice-breaking moment for the Iceman?

There’s a film I saw way back in time, “Thoda Sa Rumani Ho Jayein”, it was poetic as hell! Its title song had something unique about it, plus I’d been writing some for a while, and hence!

What does poetry mean to you? A beautiful dream or a temporary refuge from your reality?

A beautiful refuge! Poetry is proving life that it can be abstract and random; less meaningful in front of the power that just a few words present

Which are the 3 of the best poems you have ever heard? (Titles & Author names only please)

Maut (mujhse ek kavita ka vaada hai milegi mujhko)- from the film Anand,Veer tum badhe chalo (Dwarika Prasad Maheshwari),The film Midnight in Paris (it’s a poetic charm in itself if you know what I mean with dialogues like, “the artists’ job is not to succumb to despair, but to provide the antidote to the existence of emptiness)

Are you just a closet reader or have you had any real interesting incidences with any of the famous poets?

Not had any moments as such with poets as such. But won’t really mind them :)

How do you manage to make time for poetry from your hectic schedule?

I don’t feel there’s anything hectic about writing poetry; it’s a release from the mundane

I know “Money can’t buy everything” but do you still have the will to pay to watch a poetry performance?

I wish I could go back in time and hear Sahir Ludhiyanvi for this one!

Our audience loves texting! Do you have any message for them?

Your power in with’in’; don’t seek it with’out’!

Not trying to self-promote, or maybe I am, but then what are your thoughts on our platform Rhymly? You can use more than 140 characters this time :p

I think what you’re doing is fabulous: by creating a community of poets anywhere and everywhere without promoting them on their face but rather giving their thoughts a platform from which to take off!

Finally, Our audience is insomniac & has no option but to read something before they sleep! So, do you wanna share one of your poems with them?

Chand Lamhe hi bache hain yahaan mere;

kuch meri tanhai ne le liye,

kuch tere intezaar ne!

So, that’s it for today guys! Read Dev’s article on Rapid Leaks from here & show some love to him!

We will also be back in a few days with Ep.3 with another creative person.

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Ciao for now!

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