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Ep.5: Interview with Batman Chetan Soni

Updated: Jul 28, 2019

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Our fifth episode is with “Chetan Soni”, an Engineer, MBA, founder of startups Half Baked Beans & Better Books who has recently tried his hand at writing a book. He lives in Gurugram & has been scribbling for the last 5 years. He draws his inspiration from Sachin Tendulkar & his favorite book is Kane & Abel!

So, Let’s start!

How would you describe yourself & your new found interest in book writing? (Our audience is very supportive of you but they keep very very busy so tell in only 140 characters)

I would describe myself as “Jack of some trades and master of none.” The interest in writing stemmed from the desire of telling stories.

So, are you an accidental author or was there some planning to it?

There had been plans to write a book but those plans have been getting delayed for 6 years. This particular book is accidental as I used to write one-liners and anecdotes since a while. One fine day my colleague Richa suggested to compile them and that’s “How this book met it’s Father.”

“Everything isn’t an achievement” but also “Achievement ain’t everything”. Can you tell us 3 of your biggest & most satisfying achievements?

1. Winning an inter-school Quiz competition at an Air Force center. It made my father very happy as he always wanted to see me somewhere close to Defense forces.

2. Being the first person ever from my school to get suspended. It started a trend of suspensions.

3. Being able to clear MBA without D grade. Usually I got C grade.

Are you moody like all other writers? If yes or no both, then reveal today the secret style of your writing?

I am not at all moody. I believe one’s mood is their own property which should not be revealed to other people. Writing does not come naturally to me, need to be instigated or provoked by something.

You run Half Baked Beans & have also been involved with other ventures! So, do you just give humble autographs or have you had any real interesting incidences with your fans?

I am not sure if there are fans of me out there. At least nobody has messaged or told me that. But have been privileged to meet a lot of inspiring and creative personalities because of the ventures. Got to meet Tom Alter at one our book’s launch which can be considered as a highlight.

“The art of making money with art is bigger than the art itself”. How would “Chetan” as a writer explain this statement to the Indian society?

A wise man once said,” An artist cannot eat his art to survive.” Yes, it’s true that it’s difficult to make money from art but things are changing. A lot of new platforms, avenues have opened up. Artists need to be flexible and innovative with their ideas and execution. Society, on the whole, needs to appreciate art in all forms. There is a lot to this country besides Cricket and Bollywood.

As the founder of a startup which is into book publishing, how do you overcome your own writer’s block?

I think reading is the best way to overcome writer’s block. Personally, I listen to music. I plug in headphones and go for long walks. Solo travel also helps me in getting inspiration.

Our audience loves texting! Do you have any message for them?

“Don’t do drugs.” Ha ha, “keep reading, information always help.”

Not trying to self-promote, or maybe I am, but then what are your thoughts on our platform Rhymly? You can use more than 140 characters this time :p

Any platform which is trying to create a community always holds a special place in my heart. Rhymly and Arpan are doing a good job at creating a community of poets, writers, performers. Sometimes one needs a push to pursue their craft and I think Rhymly is doing that for many artists.

Finally, Our audience is insomniac & has no option but to read something to sleep! So, can you share any witty quote from your new book “Batman’s guide to life”?

“Well, a good sleep is necessary for a healthy life

but remember

Instagram has made more photographers than Canon or Nikon ever did.”

So, that’s it for today!

You can read Chetan’s book “Batman’s guide to life” from here & he would definitely love a constructive feedback on his work from you guys!

We will also be back in a few days with Ep.6 with another creative person.

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Ciao for now!

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