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Ep. 10: Interview with Author & Comedian Amar

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Our 10th episode is with “AmarVani”, Writer & Stand-up Comedian. He lives in Gurgaon & has been writing since 9 years. He draws inspiration from Ayn Rand!

So, Let’s start!

How would you describe yourself & your love for writing? (Our audience is very supportive of you but they keep very very busy so tell in only 140 characters)

I am an intense writer. I like to pour meaning in every sentence.

So, are you an accidental author or did this career decision had some planning to it?

I have been planning this for years. I have written a bunch of books. This one has just been released.

“Everything isn’t an achievement” but also “Achievement ain’t everything”. Can you tell us 3 of your biggest & most satisfying achievements?

1. This book is the most satisfying achievement

2. I have performed comedy across the country

3. Creating an independent career

Are you moody like all other writers? If yes or no both, then reveal today the secret style of your writing?

I am a disciplined writer. I can write when I want.

You are also a seasoned stand-up comedian! So, do you just give humble autographs or have you had any real interesting incidences with your fans?

haha! I give humble autographs. Waiting for incidences though :)

“The art of making money with art is bigger than art itself”. How do you plan to monetize your writing?

I hope enough copies of this book sells so, not only the publisher makes money, but I do too.

Somebody told me that poor man cannot be a philanthropist. So, now that you are also a professional author, will you also help & mentor other new authors in bringing out their book?

Absolutely, why not.

Our audience loves texting! Do you have any message for them?

Do whatever it takes to be happy in your skin. One life.

Not trying to self promote, or maybe I am, but then what are your thoughts on our startup Rhymly? You can use more than 140 characters this time :p

I think it's a great platform for aspiring writers. Anything that helps people to create and share is worthy of encouragement.

Finally, Our audience is insomniac & has no option but to read something to sleep! So, can you share an exclusive excerpt from your new book "Happiness in your skin" ?

" Our way to happiness must be able to create happiness for many people. If we are not able to share happiness, we will not be able to experience it or enjoy it. If you are a student, imagine topping your university and having no one to share it with. If you have a job, imagine getting promoted and not having anyone who will also be happy with this piece of news. It is pointless. Happiness that cannot be shared is meaningless. Happiness has meaning only when it is shared. "

So, that’s it for today!

You can order Amar's book "Happiness in your skin" from here.

We will also be back with Ep.11 with another creative person.

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Ciao for now!

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