Rhymly is India’s 1st Hindi Rhyming App that democratizes creative writing. We have a database of 100000 words. We help:


  1. Poets, copywriters, songwriters & rappers find 50+ rhymes for every word they search for

  2. Give them english translations & hindi transliteration of words

  3. Creators  create better quality written pieces, enhance their creativity through community generated thoughts & ideas.

  4. Writers get featured, share ideas, original content with others on the app thus, making Rhymly an upcoming social network.


We have seen over 50000 users on our app & website combined. Over 73000 original content pieces have been written by our creators. We have been featured by over 20+ platforms including Hindustan Times, The Tech Panda, Scoopearth, Startups India, Radio City,  etc.


E-Mail: arpan@rhymly.com

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